Dienstag, 22. April 2014


The 4 days off of work went definitely too fast. But I had a great one! We had family time barely all 4 days. On sunday I hosted my very own easter brunch for my family - that means 6 people and one dog. I began planning weeks before because I wanted to offer them some nice treats. Although I bought some nice decor for the table to make everything look more festive and easter-ish. Afterwards we took a loong walk in the big garden by the castle. On monday my grandma cooked lunch for us. The weather was simply brilliant that day so we went out to sit in her garden. I played with Sammy and it was just a nice day with my family! I hope you all had also wonderful days off. Let me know how you spent easter! :)

Here are some pictures of my brunch table!

btw I need something to hang on my wall next to my dining table urgent! It looks so sad and empty from this point of view.

 I covered some strawberries with dark chocolate! They were soo good :)

Mittwoch, 16. April 2014


150 days ago I jumped on the plane to New York. Oh boy, how I miss these times. Days full of exploring pretty new places, becoming friends with people from all around the globe, enjoying to live at an american family, dreaming, laughing and simply living the good life.
This time couldn't have been better! Oh how I miss my friends! Even though of times with facebook and instagram where you're able to talk to them and seeing how their live goes on makes me sad to know that I maybe won't see them again.

150 days later I have these memories where I start to laugh when I think about funny moments. Where I have to smile when I see these pictures and where I simply can't believe that this really happened to me.

150 days later where I feel like I grew up. Where I managed my life abroad day for day on my own. Where I walked, explored, and solve problems in a city I've never been before - and where I learned to do my laundry on my own ;) I think I grew up in NY.

150 days later I want to share with you my absolute favorite pictures of all - my best memories - of NEW YORK.

 New York, I love you

Sonntag, 13. April 2014


There are a handfull of different flea markets in my area through the year but only some of them are worth the visit.
I really like flea markets because you can always find some absolutely amazing and unique old things but mostly the vendors try to sell things which I would really recommand them to throw them in the litter than to bring them to the market. It's sad. Cause that's what I absolutely loved in NY. There are sooo many flea markets and I wish that I would have had more time so that I would've been able to visit some more. But the Brooklyn Winter Flea which I visited was so amazing that I spent almost 3 hours there. If you missed the post about it - klick here.

So yesterday we had a night flea market in my city. I actually wanted to go there with my friend Lisa but unfortunately she had an other appointment so she hadn't enough time to come with me. In the end my mom wanted to join me so I went with her. We came a little late so a lot of vendors already packed there stuff to go home.

I only bought one thing, which is this amazing little vintage beauty case out of faux leather. Isn't it pretty? It only has a few damaged points but all in all it's still in good condition. And it fits perfectly in my bedroom which I promise will be soon on the blog!

Have a nice sunday ♥

Dienstag, 8. April 2014


You know I love to share my apartment with you and I'm sorry for keeping you waiting for it but I think you all understand that I want to have it at least halfway completed to share it with you. That means that it isn't still perfect and but I make progresses barely every week so I'm planning to do updates from time to time. Last time I shared my living room with you and I also showed you my bar cart. All my home progresses will be archived on the register called 'home decor' so feel free to take a peek every now and then if you're searching for inspiration.

I always wanted a big table so that a lot people find place on one desk. I like to invite people and I'm planning to do some brunches or dinners with my friends or family. Oh btw, I'm going to host my first brunch on easter. I'm excited to share it with you afterwards.
Since the my 'dining room' is half of my living room everything is very open and spacious.

table: IKEA|chairs: IKEA|chair covers: IKEA|tableset: butlers|flower bouquet: DIY|chandalier: biller|glass cabnet: IKEA

Sonntag, 6. April 2014


Since the weather has been that beautiful the past few weeks I really can't wait until summer! I'm so excited to be outside late into the night without freezing, wearing colorful dresses and have a nice tan. And don't forget the days where you're spending most of the hours on the lake or the beach. My girls and I are currently planning our vacation in june - can't wait for it.

So when I saw this amazing swimsuit online last week I had to order it. Not only because of having something new for summer but because of the totally amazing stripes and shape of this thing. Swimsuits became popular already in the last few years and even though I think it's a fabulous alternative beside wearing bikinis on the beach, I never found one which doesn't make me look fat. I've no model sizes so you don't need to strain to look like a fat little girl in it. But I gave it a try and ordered it anyway. And I'm so happy that it looks good on me, because I'm so in love with it's colors :)

 Swimsuit: Tommy Hilfiger

I wish you all a happy sunday!

Freitag, 21. März 2014


Chuck Bass has one and of course James Bond. And now, I have one too! A barcart! What actually used to be something for real gentlemen can nowadays be as well a thing for us ladies. We just have to create it a little bit more lady-like.

Barcarts are getting more popular in the blogging community and since it looks just amazing I had to have my own. For me it was always hard to find a good place where I can store all my bottles where nobody can see it - because bottles obviously doesn't look very charming on their own. So if you can have a nice furniture piece AND a storage place for your bottles... would you ask for anything more?

 bar cart: eBay|decanter: from my Mom|glassware: butlers|tray: J.Crew|vase: IKEA|shaker: butlers


There are a few things which has to have every bar cart! Glassware, San Pellegrino Water, decanter, tray and so on! I found an amazing card about the bar cart essentials on Pinterest which helped me a lot! Anyway, Pinterest is amazing for bar cart inspiration!! Feel free to follow me on Pinterest, I'm pinning a lot of home decor inspiration!

I wish you all a happy and sunny weekend! Cheers!

Sonntag, 9. März 2014


I had such a nice shopping day with my mom yesterday. We made a to-do list which all stores we want to pay a visit so that we don't waste too much time with other stores. If you know munich, you know how freaking busy it is to go shopping on a saturday especially when the weather was so shiny like yesterday.
Our first stop was ZARA HOME. I browsed through there website some days ago to see if they have some nice things so that the visit will be worth it. Ok so imagine how totally amazed I was when I saw this golden pineapple lamp! I had to have it! The Zara Home store isn't that big in munich so I really hoped that they will have this pineapple lamp! And lucky me I finally found it! Isn't it just pretty?? I'm totally blown away!

One thing that I had on my wishlist for a really long time was one of these pricey candles from Diptyque. They have a lot of them at Ludwig Beck so I took a sniff through all of these candles and decided to take the Mimosa one.

Pineapple lamp: ZARA HOME|candle: Diptyque via Ludwig Beck